Dodge Viper driven

Do not be afraid. It might look much the same as the old car, but the 2013 SRT Viper is a much better, less terrifying driving and ownership experience in every way. There isn't one big reason for this, although the new Viper is fitted with electronic stability control for the first time. It's all to do with a list of detail upgrades and refinements that's longer than a whole school's Christmas wish list. Seeing it, sitting in it and now driving it, the quickest way to describe it is that the car now looks, feels and drives like Porsche or maybe even Ferrari has built it. There's that same air of handmade quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Yes, in a Viper. Or rather Vipers. There are now two models in the mini-range: the entry-level SRT, which is shown here, and the more sophisticated GTS. The two cars share the main components, such as the engine and frame, but have some substantial differences. The SRT gets two-mode stability control - fully on or fully off - fixed setting suspension and a high-grade leather vinyl interior.