Dodge Viper driven

The more expensive GTS is fitted with four-mode stability control, so you can work your way up to crashing; two-mode Bilstein road and track suspension; a choice of gorgeous leather interiors (I can't believe I'm writing this about a Viper); a bigger, badder sound system; and a bale of extra sound-deadening material.

A Track Package is also available on both cars. Apart from shedding another 22kgs of weight - Viper Jr is already 60-odd kilos lighter than Grandad Viper - this includes a set of only-just-solid Pirelli Corsa competition tyres, two-piece StopTech brake rotors and super-lightweight wheels. An SRT with this pack is the car you are going to see blitzing all the track records later this year. The Viper engineers reckon the new car is around a second faster per kilometer of racetrack, so expect a Nürburgring lap time - and new production car benchmark - of not much more than seven minutes when it happens.