Driven: Range Rover in Iceland

This Range Rover is not stuck. We are simply exploring extraction options. The issue is that the car is perched sideways on a loose lava scree at the bottom of what was - up until a few years ago - a glacial lake in southern Iceland... and there's a bit of a bottomless pit five feet below.

Well, maybe not literally bottomless, but still a yawning chasm that slews closer every time I press the accelerator, because the RR slips sideways a foot laterally for every six inches gained on these slippery lava beads. A quick calculation of the depth of the geological overbite means that even though I'm not near the actual edge, the fresh air underneath the last three feet of terra-not-terribly-firma means that before reaching more solid ground, I'll already have crumbled into the void and have the dubious honour of being the first person in the world to write off a new Range Rover.