Driven: Range Rover in Iceland

Ingólfur, our Icelandic guide, equipped with a Land Rover Defender SuperTruck (basically Iceland-equipped with an extended wheelbase, beefed-up bits and foot-and-a-half-wide tyres that can be deflated to a scant few psi for floating across treacherous snow and sand) is looking thoughtful. The Defender - containing potentially helpful tow ropes - is parked an unhelpful distance away.

Suddenly he smiles, obviously just having seen a way through this predicament. "Tom, can you just turn it around and come over here?" he says, without apparent irony. Yes, I can swap the RR around, but I'm going to do a 47-point turn, roughly within the car's 16-foot length. Because I'm scared. Eventually, we get the car turned and crawl our way along the edges, to a place where the Range Rover has a chance of extracting itself.