Driven: Range Rover in Iceland

Which, after a couple of button pushes on the new second-generation Terrain Response system, it does. Easily. There's a faint sense of bewilderment. The terrain is lunar, the conditions more than challenging, we didn't even let any air out of the tyres (standard practice in these conditions) and the Range Rover has just sort of... done it. Making my whining seem deeply hyperbolic. "Excellent!" shouts Ingó, clapping his hands and smiling a slightly surprised grin. "Argle!" mumbles Kim, whose relief manifests in him deflating like a man-shaped balloon poked with a sharp stick.

Immediately, a voice pipes up: "Let's see if you can drive it up there!" shouts the photographer, pointing to a jagged cliff face. Everyone shuffles nervously and shrugs, unwilling to admit their nervousness. Kim stares the proverbial daggers at the merrily unconcerned photographer. And then we try anyway, and succeed in some style. Very quickly, I come to realise that this is to be the theme of the next few days. The new Range Rover is here. And it's everything you expect. But better.