Driven: Range Rover in Iceland

It's starting to feel like I need to push this damn car to the limit, just to see what'll stop it. We try driving across a river to test the 900mm wading height. Which is apparently a bit of an easy one for a Range Rover. So I try driving up a river and manage to get water over the bonnet, and the Range Rover to float. At which point I panic a little bit and apply more and more throttle, in an attempt to paddle back to solid ground. The Range Rover, using some sort of sensor I didn't even know it had, senses the dangle and pushes its own wheels even further down into the water and finds grip at roughly the same point as the speedo is reading about 120kph.

Whereupon we exit the river, like some sort of military landing craft, at speed, towing a large amount of water. I try climbing up some rocks and simply drive over them. I try jumping over 40ft high black sand dunes, but can't overcome the suspension travel and soft surface enough to make the car airborne, and just resort to hammering up the side of said dune with a whole turn of opposite lock, laughing like a cretin. In between bouts of off-road madness, we simply drive up and out onto the road and act like a Bentley. I'm now in full evangelical mode, and convinced that given enough of a run-up, I could drive the car back to Europe without a boat.