Driven: Range Rover in Iceland

This is not a revolution of the soul of a Range Rover, because it didn't need it. And to have reinvented the basic premise would have been to miss the point of valuable heritage. What it is, is a Range Rover at the very top of its game. Then again, the Range Rover isn't really an SUV any more. It's become something else. Admittedly, the faintly ludicrous off-road ability it possesses if driven sympathetically is nice to have in reserve, but, in reality, the new RR is now in serious competition with high-end limousines for comfort and ability on-road, too.

With a panoramic roof and the extra rear legroom, proper luxury, rock-solid image and stoutly un-vomit-inducing ride characteristics, emerging markets like China are going to consume this car as fast as LR can roll them out the door. I can see people launching themselves out of BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class as fast as their chubby little Captain of Industry legs can carry them. I can see Bentley owners looking at the 5.0-litre V8 and wondering whether they really need a Flying Spur. And best of all? The absolute evidence of new Range Rover achievement? I can see current Range Rover owners simply saying, "Yes, please" and ordering another.

(Words: Tom Ford, Pictures: Justin Leighton)