Driven: Tesla Model S

To be honest, Electric Vehicles (EVs) and hybrids don’t really set my pulse racing. A zero-emissions car may lighten your burden of guilt, but it’ll send your adrenaline levels plummeting. I drove a hybrid once, and it felt like I was riding a sedated donkey. And now, for the very first time in my life, I was about to drive the Tesla Model S, a car that wasn’t even helped along by an internal combustion engine. How much fun could that be?

The Tesla features a 17-inch touch screen, which is the ‘command centre’ of the car. Almost everything is controlled by this massive tablet, and just like you need to get familiar with a new gadget, you need to acquaint yourself with this giant screen and its many functions before you can get the most out of the Tesla. My friend Darius Dadabhoy, the owner of this particular Model S, tells me that the Tesla representative gave him such a thorough and detailed explanation of the car that they needed to break for refreshments at regular intervals.