Driving the Audi SQ5 in Munich

Germany’s roads are so good, it’s precisely the reason they are so annoyingly difficult to drive on. You don’t have any vertical movement since there aren’t any potholes or bumps. Then, since nobody comes at you from the wrong side, or cuts across or does anything unexpected, you never need to panic brake, so you don’t have much lateral movement either.

And because of the absence of all such untoward movement in a car, you tend to get motion sick. Then there are the autobahns. You could be doing 250kph, but then, nobody pulls out suddenly in front of you, nobody runs out of the bushes to cross the road, nobody cuts lanes around bends and nobody honks. So your brain tends to not concur with your eyes and keeps sending out suggestions that it’s safe to go ahead with your urge to sleep since the rest of your surroundings mimic what it’s like just before you go to bed back home.

And on the face of it, the 64km ring route from Munich airport via Buch Em Erlbach on through Fraunberg and  Erding back to the airport, seemed like one of those perfect, put-you-to-sleep German roads. Much like the new range of Q5s from Audi. The changes are so subtle, I don’t remember what they are. The people from Audi were going on about a lot of things. I managed to pick up something about reduction in carbon emissions and an increase in fuel-efficiency.