Driving the Audi SQ5 in Munich

The cars lined up seemed the same, but in that sea of familiarity, one stood out. It was a very evil blue, had darker alloys, and more chrome on the grille. It had a TDI badge, which doesn’t point to anything sinister. But there was just this red stripe with an S in front of the Q5 label. While the other Q5s seemed gentle and accommodating, this blue one seemed like it didn’t want to be there. I just couldn’t get it. It’s the same as the rest of the line-up. But it just emitted an entirely different vibe. While the insides of the rest of the Q5s were inviting and hospitable, the SQ5’s seemed like the workplace of a dark wizard. Stark, black, minimal with one very telltale sign of allegiance to the dark forces – a small, nicely sculpted flat-bottom steering.

Still, Audi wasn’t going to fool me. It’s a Q5. It’s a diesel. And these guys are anyway great with packaging. But then, with options like the Q5 TFSI and the Q5 Hybrid, I thought I’d rather take my chances with the SQ5. And it turned out to be the sweetest-sounding diesel I have ever driven. Just over 1500rpm is all it takes for this V6 to emit a very diabolical, deep rumble. Just before getting on to the autobahn, I thought of fooling around with Audi’s Drive Select.