Driving the Audi SQ5 in Munich

And as a sporty, fun, powerful SUV, the SQ5 makes more sense than the heavy and ponderous Q7 V12 TDI. It was no 911 in the twisties, but it could hold its own, and down the autobahn, 250 comes up in about as much time and with about as much effort as some of us would use for a long relaxing yawn.

But then, that’s been the whole point of this trip. Germany – a country in which you can cover around 1000km in a day. Yawning your way through, without breaking speed limits, without breaking rules. The Audi SQ5. Nowhere near a driver’s SUV, but good enough for loads of fun, without having to don a racing helmet and fireproof overalls.

Audi is contemplating bringing this version of the Q5 to India. And as an SUV, it’s the most fun this side of a Cayenne, with the economy of a diesel and without the roll and pitch of the overgrown Q7. And you wouldn’t like something like this on our shores because…?

(Words and Photos: Sriram Narayanan)