Dubai police get a Brabus G63 AMG

The Dubai police force has just given us a new reason to get arrested - it's added a Brabus-tuned G63 AMG to its fleet.

Yep, the 690bhp B637 "700 Widestar" is the latest lump of exotica the Emirati rozzers can tool around in. And with a top speed of 240kph, 0-96kph time of 4.9 seconds and a roster of off-road credentials, it'll be able to bring many deserty high-speed pursuits to a close.

It rounds off the Dubai police force's crim-troubling armada of 350kph Lamborghini Aventador (for high-speed motorway chases), 335kph four-wheel drive Ferrari FF (for, er, wintry high-speed motorway chases), and 317kph Bentley Continental (for storing more than one assailant).

Trumps the Italian Carabinieri's Evora, doesn't it? But doesn't get anywhere near Richard's Vitara...

We'll be at the Dubai motor show to mop more exclusive live pics, so keep checking back to see what we've discovered...

(Words: Matthew Jones)