Ducati 848 Evo: The Daily Express

As kids, it was a rite of passage that many of us went through – knot a bath towel around our neck and jump off the sofa. It was a safe, low-cost way to live out our superpower fantasies. And we didn’t really bother to think about what it must be like for Superman to live life as Clark Kent. To have all that power but when there’s no world-threatening emergency, to still be the everyman who sits next to you at work.

And so it is with superbikes. As a kid, I have covered my wall with posters of superbikes diving into corners. And never wondered what a superbike would be like to live with. So here’s the deal. Given the kind of money that can buy you a comfortable four-door sedan (say, a Skoda Laura) we opt for the Ducati 848 Evo instead. The Evo, armed with an 849cc L-twin engine that makes 138bhp and 98Nm, has a claimed top speed of 270kph. This will be my steed for the rest of the day – to do a bunch of chores in and around Delhi.