Ducati 848 Evo: The Daily Express

It’s morning and I’m told to run out for veggies. With a shopping list and a knapsack, I get onto the Evo. I start the engine and the gurgle of the L-twin fills the quiet morning. The roads are empty, my right hand is itching to twist the throttle and the Evo is more than eager to play ball. I find a straight road, gun it – and reach the market before I even begin to start properly enjoying it.

Slowing down, I move into the crowded market. The roads are non-existent, and there are people, dogs, vegetable carts covering every square inch of the ground. Crawling along, I carefully steer my way to a familiar grocer. Before I can give him my list, I’m surrounded by a mob of vendors. Asking me the usual – price, mileage.

The grocer hands me the vegetables and half a dozen eggs. Shoving it all into the bag, I make a quick exit. In my eagerness to get out of here, I treat the Evo more like a street bike than a sports bike; it flies over bumps and soaks up uneven road surfaces easily. The bike feels agile and the ride is fantastic – whether it’s on a racetrack or in a vegetable market in south Delhi. Soon, it’s back on open tarmac again as I race home to drop the groceries and head for cricket practice.