Ducati 848 Evo: The Daily Express

At a traffic light, as the seconds wear on, I’m desperately waiting for it to turn green – not because of impatience, but because the L-twin is breathing fire. The engine temperature has risen to 105degrees F and my legs are slowly getting toasted by the heat from the engine bay. Keeping the Evo above 50kph on these busy streets is a task. Like most sportsbikes, this one too is supposed to be ridden fast, not dragged at a crawl through city traffic.

The extreme riding position feels great at triple-digit speeds but right now, I’m hating every minute of it. My left hand is aching after constantly using the clutch to manage all that power in stop-go traffic. Engine temperature is now past 105. And at every single red light, oblivious to my physical and mental agony, a string of fellow motorists complements me on the bike and asks me how much mileage I get.