Ducati 848 Evo: The Daily Express

After a few turns, we get on to the highway, and I finally wring the throttle open for the first time since this morning. If my girlfriend’s screaming bloody murder behind me, I can’t hear her over the roar of the L-twin. We make it in time. And I’m rewarded with a whack on the head with her bag and a “we’ll talk later” threat as she runs in.

Now there’s only so much a man can tolerate when it comes to using a superbike like the 848 Evo as an errand runner. I decide to head out for more open road. I’m in Noida; the Yamuna expressway is just around the corner. That’s my itinerary sorted, then. As I move out of Noida, the traffic gets thinner and speed rises. I look at the instrument pod and see the engine’s humming along at 4000rpm in third gear as I approach 80kph. The exhaust note sounds quite relaxed and I’ve not shifted gear for some time now.

I see the ‘Welcome to Yamuna Expressway’ board ahead. I downshift, and the revs rise by a few hundreds. The exhaust is shrieking now as I start climbing up the rev band. I give the throttle some more wrist, and soon enough I can feel the front end lift a few inches off the ground. I’m well past 150kph now.