Ducati Diavel

In ‘Urban’, you get 100bhp and a lot of intervention from the Ducati Traction Control system – it’s almost as if the Diavel is wearing a halo. In this mode, the Diavel leaves Delhi’s incense-filled morning with nothing more than an air of haughty contempt.

Out on the highway, ‘Touring’ gives a restrained perspective of the full power available – as if it’s possessed, but an exorcist is at hand. However, switch to ‘Sport’ – what I like to call ‘Hellfire and Brimstone’ mode – and the Diavel’s horns become sharpest, its tail most spiky. Heck, the whole bike seems to turn redder even, as the exorcist runs for his life.

It’s as if someone turned the power-switch to ‘Biblical’. If the Monster is a wave of torque, the Diavel is most certainly a tsunami, a tsunami that goes from 0-100kph in an unbelievable 2.6 seconds. After that number, nothing matters, really, except the way the Diavel goes on its frequent devastating rampages. The tiniest twitch of the throttle puts vast distances between you and the god-fearing traffic.