Ducati Diavel

The Diavel behaves itself only in private, out on open roads. And it really can’t get better than riding on the roads around McLeod Ganj, high up between the Diavel and the deep blue sky. It’s like dancing with the devil in paradise – sinful, and you know it’s never going to happen again, so you make the most of it. On roads worthy of the Apocalypse, the Diavel tests whether you have spine. If you do, it breaks it. Ride quality on bad roads is worse than all the seven sins put together. However, learn to find the smoothest line through the ravaged tarmac and the Diavel does everything short of pirouetting around the potholes.

The combination of that upright yet sporty riding position, superbike-spec suspension and brakes, excellent DTC system and that epic rear tyre explains why the Diavel was probably the fastest thing north of the Equator at the time. No kidding – the Diavel is easily the quickest and fastest real-world motorcycle I’ve ridden till date. Quick enough to leave your soul standing at traffic lights and fast enough to melt the world into a blur of colours. All this and it plays traffic-tetris brilliantly too! What a motorcycle.