Ducatis in Malaysia: Red riding hoot!

The Streetfighter 848 is a quick little motorcycle that delivers much more than you expect from it.

Its riding position isn’t exactly track-friendly, but it only adds to the drama. You can feel each and every ‘kph’ as it pushes the helmet visor into your face. The sweet and forgiving motor has got more than enough performance to keep you entertained. But before I can fully come to terms with it, the first 20-minute session is over.

Soon, I learn that I am to follow Capirossi in the next session. Just so I have an excuse for my lack of speed, I park myself on a Diavel. Capirossi takes the one next to mine. Feebly, I mutter, “Try going slow, okay?” Lining up at the pit exit, there’s just three of us – Capirossi, me and another motoring journalist who also happens to be a friend. It’s a surreal feeling as we look at each other, shaking our heads. Capirossi takes off and after five corners, he’s gone. I’m alone again.