Duke vs Impulse vs R15

After these two ‘tall-boy’ motorcycles, the R15 feels too close to the road. The ride is a little better than the Duke’s, but it all evens out when you take that riding position into account. The older one was never as torturous. In the Duke’s company, the Yammie suddenly seems to fall short of delivering what is expected and even on the track – usually the R15’s territory – the Duke is sure to run bright orange rings around the Jap.

Riding the Duke, in keeping with its times, is like parkour, free-spirited and daring – know what you’re doing and the Duke will have your back. Riding the Impulse is more like judo – you have to master your moves to get what you want. The R15 V 2.0 has acquired the chase-worthy tail, but lost the original one’s finesse in the process. Also, the Duke will fit most riders as will the Impulse, while the R15 needs orangutan-spec limbs to be comfortable on the road.