Eating dunes for desert

Get lost. Those are words you’d associate more with a spurned lover than a carmaker on a bright, sunny Sunday morning. But that’s exactly what the team from Mahindra Adventure told us before flagging off the 100th edition of its Great Escape in the sleepy town of Manwar, Rajasthan.

The plan was to collect the Mahindra Thar from the hotel and follow the convoy for the next 40-odd kilometers in the desert. The track would have sand dunes, tarmac and gravelly patches along with more than 60 other Mahindras. So even if we did get lost, it would be fun.

Unlike some of the posh brands that spend hours explaining hill-descent, ABS jargon and how traction control works, Mahindra keeps it simple. Low-range, all-wheel-drive and special off-road tyres from Maxxis, with pressure reduced to 15psi was all the Thar needed.