Eating dunes for desert

After gaining confidence over the first climb section, we headed for the next loop, which was essentially a sharp descent down a drop off the sand dune. Now, I’ve driven before down such sharp slopes, but this time it happened after a long sermon and the fear of god put into me by the instructors. The Mahindra team looked super cool in comparison. “You’ve engaged low-range?” asked a team member. “Now let the car go, don’t hit the brakes or clutch or anything,” he added. I have to admit, having driven SUVs costing some seven times this Thar, I wasn’t very sure this was a good idea. “What about hill-descent, and where’s the traction control and anti-skid assist?” my mind kept shouting out as I reluctantly released the clutch and let the Thar enter the steep decline. But the Mahindra instructors were right. Low-range, four-wheel-drive is all you ever need. These capable SUVs can make even an off-road novice feel like a professional.