EcoSport vs EcoSport

This Fiesta on stilettos has been taking the country by storm. We can’t think of any other car in recent times that saw 30,000 bookings in the first 17 days. And between the time that I write this and you read it, it’s likely a couple of thousand more will have been booked.

The four-metre long EcoSport blurs the line between SUV and hatchback. The tailgate-mounted spare wheel and plastic cladding all over give it that rugged SUV look.

Inside, it resembles the Fiesta in the way the dashboard and the rest of the interior is laid out. The styling is modern, with a large multimedia system occupying the centre console. It isn’t too spacious by SUV standards, but still shouldn’t be a problem for four.

The EcoSport isn’t really a driver’s delight. The steering is too light but the feedback around bends is decent. Because of its tall stance, there’s quite a bit of body roll. The ride is comfortable most of the time but the suspension crashes over deep potholes. The heavier 1.5-litre diesel engine makes the ride a tad more pliant than the rest.