Exclusive gallery: unseen Stig images

Is The Stig, as Jeremy claims, an escaped super-soldier created by the American military? Or has Clarkson inadvertently combined the plots of The Bourne Trilogy, Captain America and Universal Soldier?

Or, as James suggests, could he be the love child of a hot shot pilot and an air stewardess? May believes that the pair consummated in the lavs of Concorde at the precise moment it entered supersonic flight, literally infusing their infant's soul with speed.

Perhaps Hammond's right, who thinks The Stig's a cursed man endlessly pursuing his youngest memories of speed strapped to his horseriding father's chest.

All we know is that he's called The Stig. And, for the first time ever, his remarkable story's been consigned to print in The Stig: The Untold Story.

But even more remarkable are these candid images from the book, which have been leaked online ahead of its official paperware release on October 25. You literally won't believe them...