F1 cars are built in these British sheds

Based on CAD designs from team engineers, it takes Pat and his 14-strong staff over 100 hours to scratch build an F1 system - the collectors alone take 30 hours - and it takes four blokes, each with their own unique skill set, to hand finish every exhaust.

The nickel alloy used to build the systems is only 0.5mm thick, so there's not much margin for error. To add to the disaster potential, the team uses a unique and top-secret welding gas that's fiendishly tricky to master - both of which make the company's five-per-cent wastage figure all the more impressive...

Before an exhaust finds itself on the grid, the inside of the pipework's purged with argon, it gets satin polished to spot any imperfections and then it's examined under a microscope - because the metal's so thin, even the tiniest welding imperfection can cause cracks.