F1 cars are built in these British sheds


Diss, Norfolk. Home to the Bressingham Steam and Gardens experience, Frenze Beck Nature Reserve, much livestock and BF1Systems, suppliers and manufacturers of the electronic and composite components used by all but one F1 team on the grid.

Despite the, umm, incongruous surroundings, bf1systems develops and builds cutting edge sensor technology, monstrously complicated wiring looms, carbon components and the Aston-Martin One-77 (though the latter is a push-bike spin-off of the elusive hypercar...).

The company's latest innovation is proving pertinent this season too. It's developed a one-of-a-kind infrared monitoring system that measures the tyre's pressure, air temperature and even the carcasses' temperature. It's been a bit tricky to develop, though - while it only weighs 30 grammes on its own, it adds 90kg of weight to each wheel with the centrifugal force and experience temperatures of up to more than 150°c.