F1 cars are built in these British sheds

But even though the components the company deals with are tiny, this is a very large shed. That's largely because bf1systems needs to house its 96 staff and it manufactures carbon fibre; the latter requires a massive great big autoclave that cures the composite by applying 220psi of pressure and 350°c of heat.

Lightweight pushrod ends for several teams have been made here, which not only meet savage aerodynamic design demands, but incorporate force sensors - the information these very clever little microprocessors provide data calibrated against temperature for everything from downforce settings to damper rates and ride height. The numbers its products find themselves on those F1 steering wheels, too.

bf1systems does lots of really quite wondrous stuff with wiring looms (that can take nearly 200 hours to build), too. As well as twisting each racing loom into perfect concentric circles so they don't lose shape, they manufacture one-off systems for concept cars. Remember the hugely awesome one-piece carbonfibre wiring loom for the Jaguar C-XF concept? Yep, that was this lot.