Feature: Balancing act

There’s been a lot of debate on the looks of the GSX-S series. To me, it is a great combination of aggression and smooth lines. I quite like the sabretooth-like front end. And in blue… Just get it in blue, okay? It isn’t often that you find motorcycles that work so well. To me, the GSX-S750 does everything it is meant to do really well.

It doesn’t want to break my heart and make me write sonnets, but it is rather methodical in the way it gets things done. The GSX-S750 has a list of things to do, it does them well and that’s all it has to say about that. And it does this all without making you wipe out your savings. You see, at `7.49 lakh, ex-showroom, it is an incredibly affordable 200kph rocket.

When you look at the overall deal, the GSX-S750 does everything well and isn’t one bit polarising. It is a really well balanced motorcycle that is priced very, very competitively as well. And with that, Suzuki has hit the ball well out of the park!