Feature: Bentley Continental GT vs Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe

You get the feeling, sat in the Bentley, that life could only be better if you were chomping on a Cohiba. Yes, the Continental GT is the sort of car that demands a chunky cigar. The Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe? Something less heavy, perhaps a dash more debonair. A cigarillo, perhaps?
Both contain a good streak of caddishness. These, after all, are the ultimate personal luxury cars. Who wants to be seen driving a regular S-Class saloon or Flying Spur? Those are cars for being driven in. No, for wafting about and looking effortless it needs to be one of these, ideally with all four windows dropped so the smoke can dissipate.

The Continental GT is the car that underpins and epitomises the whole Bentley range. Depressing though it is, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bentayga outsells it, but this is the car Bentley must hang its ethos around. The old one had soldiered on since 2003. It had done a remarkable job, was still relevant and desirable, but Bentley has decided the best thing is to give the new one a nudge in a more dynamic direction.