Feature: Ford Mustang GT vs Kia Stinger GT S

We’ll never know exactly what Kia benchmarked when making the Stinger GT S, but conventional wisdom suggests the usual bunch of German sports saloons. It’s got four doors, a forty grand price-tag and a six-cylinder engine with 300-and-odd horsepower, after all. The first time I drove one, though, I suspected different. It felt big-hearted and hairy-chested, and in damp conditions, its rear wheels smeared around at the tiniest hint of throttle. It felt for all the world like a muscle car. It’s called the Ford Mustang GT, and chances are it’s familiar. We’ve been able to buy a right-hand-drive ‘Stang for several years, but until now it’s been hard to find a direct rival for its rather unique recipe. In the Stinger, I reckon we’ve finally got one.