Feature: Funny kind of feeling

Remember that kid in school, the one who’d never be part of the group activities or the play groups everyone else banded together in? An oddball who managed to turn heads wherever she went, owing to the fact that she always stuck out from the rest in a rather obvious kind of way; there was always a funny kind of feeling when it came to that kid. When I walked up to the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, I got that same feeling. It looked somewhat familiar owing to its hard-topped counterpart, one of the more popular Range Rovers on Indian roads. But once you take the canvas off, it’s a different picture altogether. I mean, a convertible SUV? What were they on, when they dreamed this one up? Sure, we’ve all had a go in those open-top Mahindra Thars or Maruti Gypsys, the ones you find in droves at car hire services at popular tourist destinations. But a Range Rover?