Feature: Harley-Davidson Flat Track

There’s still a bit of a nip in the morning air. At the John Singh Speedway, out in the countryside, it is crispy fresh, as the golden rays from the sun drapes one hill at a time in the surrounding scenery, drawing closer to the bit that has me interested for the weekend. A small oval patch some quarter of a kilometre, roughly twelve metres wide, wrapped in a fine layer of dirt, which has been watered in the wee hours this morning and continues to be damp. Below it lies a base layer, laced with 30,000 litres of oil, to create a firm footing for all the mucking about.

Traditionally, at a motor ranch, motor oil would’ve been used, but here close to Sariska, in the middle of a fully functional farm, a far less potent load of soya oil has been soaked into the soil. This is what a flat track is all about and parked alongside is a clutch of Harley-Davidson Street Rod 750s that have been given the flat tracker treatment by Rajputana Customs, who also happen to own this track.