Feature: Motard-attack

In my heart, the Dorso has a very special place. It is a motorcycle that I fell head over heels in love with from the moment I swung my leg over it. It did everything that I wanted a motorcycle to do and it made me want to forgive all its follies. On the other hand, the Ducati was a motorcycle that I had dreamt about for years and except for small little irritations, it performed its duties exceptionally well. My heart still somehow wants the Aprilia. There’s just this unmistakable character it has that cannot be matched. But there’s a rather large elephant in the room. Multiple elephants, actually. Aprilia’s service and dealer network is still quite shoddy. So buying and running the Dorso is sure to be a headache unless you live in Pune or one of the other Motoplex-enabled cities.

The Dorso is also over `2 lakh more expensive than the Ducati. On the flip side, Ducati’s dealer and service network is among the best in the country and the extra cash I save on the Hyper can go towards the most important accessory of all – fuel. Both these motorcycles, as excellent as they are, come with flaws. But if I had to choose one, I’d choose the Hyper. Even though I lust after the Dorso, the Hyper just makes more sense overall. We’d like to thank Samarth Harish and Aneesh Patnaik for making this story possible.