Feature: Rocketship

Here’s a confession. The rider you see in these highly dynamic photographs isn’t me. It’s Ducati’s official tester, Alessandro Valia, the man crazy enough to help the Italian team develop a rather historic motorcycle. However, the scraping of knees and elbow sliders while leaning into corners, pulling a power wheelie while exiting corners, and getting the tail out going into corners should be a walk in the park for any skilful motorcycle rider – all thanks to a red Ducati sportsbike.

Not just any red Ducati, make it the ultimate Ducati sportsbike on sale today, the Panigale V4. MotoGP-style lean angles of over 50 degrees, anyone? Don’t worry, as demonstrated by Valia and as I personally found out on the race track, it’s quite possible to scrape your knee and elbow sliders while still being in absolute control of the motorcycle.