Feature: Rocketship

After spending an entire day at Sepang, to my surprise, riding the biggest, the most powerful Panigale didn’t feel terrifying at all. Its angry front-end may look intimidating at first, but treat it with much-deserved respect and the V4 will love you back, big time. I won’t deny, all that brutal acceleration past 8000rpm was too much to comprehend in the beginning, but the more laps I put in, the easier it became to whack that throttle open.

I certainly relished the company of the Italian nannies as they let me concentrate on simpler things such as accelerating, braking, leaning into corners and accelerating hard again. There’s no denying, the V4 did make me look and feel like a far better rider. Developed in close collaboration with its Corse division, technology from the racing world has been neatly incorporated to offer a road-legal masterpiece that’s also the closest thing possible to its MotoGP counterpart. The Panigale V4 is a new chapter, a new direction that Ducati is heading into and from the looks of it, things seem very promising.