Feature: The Trendsetters

Hot hatches of the ‘70s are like start-ups0 of today. They don’t have a lot of resources, have huge potential, can give established players a run for their money and despite their small size, have the ability to plaster a smile right across your face. But hot hatches have come a long way from what they used to be. Take the GTI badge for instance. It started off as a secret project at the VW HQ and now, the project has three capable cars under its belt that can give rivals and even some sportscars, a run for their money.

Of the three, the Polo GTI has been in India for a couple of years now, and over that time, VW has had no issues finding homes for all the cars it ordered for India. In fact, there’s so much demand for the little, sober-looking but extremely capable hatchback that Indians are longing for more numbers.


But there’s a problem – the VW factory in Germany does not make that particular model anymore and internationally, the Polo has moved to a new generation. The new Polo that now sells in most parts of the world is based on VW’s MQB platform. It’s versatile, flexible but significantly more expensive to make than the platform the current Polo is based on.