Feature: TVS Apache RR 310

I need to dial back time by about half a dozen years, when I was scraping together my savings for a big holiday, to get to a point when I was this excited about a motorcycle. It was around this period that I realised there was finally a motorcycle that could compel me to make my then better half very cross or make myself feel very liberated, momentarily. We were finally being handed motorcycles that were more than just regular commuters slapped with a ‘sport’ prefix. These were middleweights which promised maximum bang-for-buck along with a reasonable figure in the horsepower column too. Back then, it was a one-two punch delivered by Honda and KTM, with vastly different styles of motorcycles. Kawasaki had, of course, delivered a feeble knock on the chin before that, but we shall let that be. Of the two in question here, one delivered a little more than what we had hoped for, while the other, a little less. We all know how that story panned out too. This time around though, there is just one motorcycle and it has brought the same sort of enthusiasm to people like me. Mostly because it gives me a chance to make the other person cross. Again. For TVS though, this marks their step up to the plate and swing at the big league.