Feature: Whack that

I’ve been going round TVS’ test track for a while now and with every passing lap, my grin just keeps getting bigger. And with every passing lap, I also ended up going faster and faster. Now, TVS’ test track outside Bangalore is no small affair. If they weren’t so secretive about it, it would’ve made a world-class supercross track.

It’s got jumps. It’s got whoops. It’s got table-tops. Hell, it’s even got one of the longest straights I’ve ever seen on a closed, off-road track. But forget all that. As magnificent as the track here is, it is the motorcycle I’m testing on it that is making me grin ear-to-ear – the TVS RTR 450 FX. Yes, the same motorcycle that just went and won the Desert Storm. And it didn’t just win, TVS’ Nataraj and Tanveer brought the motorcycles in, in first and second places.