Ferrari 458 Italia: Surviving India

You might sense a hint of narcissism or an air of superiority within me when I say this. But I will say it anyway. I pity the manner in which everyone fills voids in their lives and in their minds. They do it by upgrading their phones or tablets every year. They do it by signing on waiver forms absolving adventure sports companies of all responsibility if anything were to happen to them when skydiving, bungee jumping or white-water rafting.

They do it by clicking selfies of themselves doing insignificant things like visiting a restaurant. Or Phuket. And putting it up as a life-altering event on Facebook. But there is a reason behind all this banality. It’s the human mind. A human mind with the minimum intelligence quotient is still way more capable than the mind of, say, a cow. Such a mind needs plenty of stimuli to keep it occupied, to keep it from going insane. Stimuli that it doesn’t get when it’s doing mundane, everyday work like cooking for the kids, or sitting through a meeting at work. So it loiters around looking for thrills and excitement in every possible thing.

But it’s the same stimuli-seeking tenacity that some people channel into creating a Ferrari 458 Italia. The car you see here isn’t a demo-only, left-hand drive. The road you see here isn’t fancy Janpath in New Delhi, or Marine Drive in Mumbai, or NICE Road in Bangalore. It’s the Chennai Bypass Expressway. In its current state, it is an epitome of the Indian way. An epitome of what India aspires to be, and what India actually has to put up with.