Ferrari F12 Berlinetta driven in Italy

I can’t think straight at the best of times. Things go unexplainably awry for me whenever there’s something Italian with a V12 to be driven. The last time I drove one (Lamborghini Aventador, TG, May 2012), I inadvertently locked my wife in the bedroom when I was leaving home at 5am to meet the car waiting downstairs.

Of course, I was alerted about it very politely when she called me up a couple of hours later. It required a rescue operation by Tejal, our editorial coordinator. Something I am generously reminded of by both even as you read this.

This F12 Berlinetta should have been smoother. I arrived one night before the drive at Maranello, Italy, Ferrari’s hometown. I set my clock to local time, which was 12:30, set a leisurely alarm for eight the next morning and hit the bed. What could possibly wrong? Well, the previous night I had set local time to 12:30, instead of 00:30.