Ferrari F12 Berlinetta driven in Italy

Obviously, my alarm didn’t go off, and I woke up a few minutes to nine, to one of the most glorious sounds you could ever wake up to – a V12 being put through its paces on the roads around the factory. However, thanks to my messed up alarm, I had just under five minutes between getting out of bed and reaching the factory at my designated time to collect the car.

And what a car! If the V12 engine note didn’t wake me up, the sight of the F12 definitely did. I haven’t been a fan of the new generation of Ferraris. They are all striking to look at, but a bit off. I still think the California looks ugly, the 458 looks robotic and the FF looks disproportionate.  With the F12, though, it seems as if the design department and the aerodynamics department were not pulling the chariot from opposite ends. They’ve managed a Ferrari that sits wonderfully between striking grab-you-by-the-collar looks and soothe-your-soul beauty.