Ferrari F12 Berlinetta driven in Italy

Your soul isn’t going to get any soothing when you press the Engine Start button, though. In fact, it will go into depression as you try to follow the satnav lady’s instructions to lead you out of Maranello village into the country roads. The satnav is, by Ferrari’s own admission, a pain in the (insert body part of choice here). When she tells you to take the third exit from a roundabout, the map beside will show you a route through the second exit.

Thankfully, I was used to Ferrari’s ‘our-world-begins-and-ends-at-the-steering-wheel’ ergonomics with the Ferrari FF I drove in Delhi early this year. While the Germans have rid their cars of buttons by thinking up the iDrive, Ferrari has rid the car of buttons, even stalks, by putting all of them on the steering wheel. Just like in the  458 and the FF. It’s not really a problem, though.