Ferrari F12 Berlinetta driven in Italy

What could be a problem is the car itself. You see, it derives a lot from Formula One. And it makes 730bhp. If you put both these facts together and if you’ve been in this business for a while, you’ll know this could mean disaster. Technology and power never go well together. You’ll have a million computers communicating via thousands of satellites to high-security servers in some secret corner of Maranello every time you take a corner hard. All this communication will ensure you don’t end up in a tree and the data derived might be going to Ferrari’s engineers who will come out with another edition that can wipe a second off the car’s lap time. All this communication will also ensure there’s none between you and the car.

Thankfully, no such things happen here. The F12 serves up everything you want in a Ferrari – glorious soundtrack, microsecond reactions, and joy-inducing handling. Just the previous evening, I was driving the W12 Bentley GT Speed from Munich to Berchtesgaden in Germany. While that’s a plain locomotive, the Ferrari is more of a two-seat rollercoaster.