Ferrari F12 Berlinetta driven in Italy

Which is how the rest of the F12 is. All the technology is there not to place, but to shatter the barriers between you and the car. All the technology is there to make the driving experience keener, sharper, more involving and more invigorating, rather than to cut out the fun.

For instance, when you’re cruising at a serene 80kph in seventh gear and you see a sharp corner ahead, all you need to do is keep the down paddle pressed, and the dual-clutch gearbox hurriedly shifts down to second, treating you to some glorious engine blipping. The engine will be at 8000rpm, and you can scream out of the corner and in a couple of seconds, get upto speeds that will get you into serious trouble with the Italian Polizia, who are otherwise very liberal with speed limits. Especially in a Ferrari.