Ferrari F12 Berlinetta driven in Italy

So, the Ferrari that appeals to your heart, your brains, your accountant, and your neighbourhood low-octane pump is here. Besides, while it’s way more expensive, the F12 is notches above other two-seaters from Bentley, Jaguar, Aston and nearly everything with a front engine.

As a daily driver, in India though, the F12 will not be easy to live with. Firstly, that scoop in front is rather low, and although Ferrari will bring in an option to raise the front suspension by a bit, it still won’t be a match for our roads. Secondly, there’s the FF. It’s less powerful, weighs 265kg more, but provides just as many thrills, in a more usable daily-driver package that can comfortably seat four adults and carry their luggage. And it’s cheaper.

But then, if the heart wants what the heart wants, we’d totally understand. The F12 is that kind of car.

(Words and Photos: Sriram Narayanan)