Ferrari LaFerrari vs McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918 Spyder

There you go then. A quick run-around these amazing cars. Maybe some statistics will help keep up the general level of staggerment. The Ferrari's total system output is 963bhp, the McLaren's 916, the Porsche's 800. With the extra hybrid componentry in the Porsche comes extra weight. The 918 will be between 1600-1700kg. The McLaren is about 1500, the Ferrari 1400. The 0-100kph numbers are all under three seconds, but the 0-200kph numbers tell a different story: the Ferrari and McLaren are both under seven seconds (gulp) while the Porsche - heavier and less powerful and by this speed no longer able to make use the traction advantage it has when launching - takes around 9.0sec.

But because it can run so far on electricity, the Porsche can claim just 70g/km. The McLaren is 'less than 200', the Ferrari 330. Ignore the McLaren and Porsche numbers though, because they don't include the energy from the grid. The Ferrari takes no juice from a socket, so its number can be compared with any regular car.