Ford EcoSport: the catalogue buster

Lots of money – and zero ability – can get you anything in India these days. Jobs in the government, access to coal reserves, gigantic civil contracts where you don’t have to actually build anything, and big and fast cars. For the ordinary people who make an honest living and rely only on their monthly salary, there were only two brands of cars that provided affordable motoring with some fun, character and soul in them – Fiat and Ford.

Fiat claims it is on a rebound and that its best is just around the corner. And Ford has always been on the fence. It makes a great car, then follows it up with a not-so-great car. But where the company has been consistent is ride, handling and driver enjoyment. Right from the Ikon to the old Fiesta, Fords were the cars you went to if you couldn’t afford a BMW or wanted a front-wheel driven BMW.