Ford EcoSport vs Skoda Rapid

Wait, have you seen parts one and two of our EcoSport mega-comparo? You can catch the first part here and the second one here. Now read on...

If you tend to listen to your brain more than your heart, the Skoda Rapid will definitely appeal to you. Under that skin, it’s the tried-and-test VW Vento. With its spacious cabin, powerful engine and sound driving dynamics, it’s a very good overall package so you won’t need to look at any other car if you’ve been considering buying one. Until the EcoSport arrives.

The Rapid is much longer and more powerful than the EcoSport. And in the sedan segment, it gives almost all of its rivals a run for their money. But can the new kid on the block take down this well established sedan?

Well, it’s quite close on many counts. With a 1.6-litre diesel engine that churns out 104bhp and 250Nm, it’s much more powerful than the EcoSport’s 90bhp and 204Nm. And power delivery too is not a problem. The turbo lag is controlled neatly and there’s no sudden surge that’ll surprise you. The clutch is a bit heavy, but not enough to be a big concern.