Formula Ford racer through London

But it's a fine reminder of all the benefits that come from mercilessly reducing weight, and also proof that there is a replacement for displacement. Dinky engines aren't for grannies and learner drivers. We've embraced tiny, tech-heavy mobiles and computers. Why not engines?

A flash of headlights. I back off the throttle, and a Jaguar XKR-S hauls level with the FF. Its driver - Bluetooth earpiece, pristine shirt - leans out of the window, ogling our odd race car. Window down, cameraphone out. Click, thumbs up. Job done, he floors the Jag, attempting to treat me to a face full of exhaust. I boot the throttle in the tiny Ford and enjoy the bemused expression on his face as this miniscule missile leaves his supercharged V8 for dead; 999 cubic centilitres vanquish five thousand. Three cylinders? You'd never know.

(Words: Sam Philip, Pics: Lee Brimble)