Formula One 2012: the highlights

F1 2012: The year we came to love Fernando Alonso

So, there's no F1 on the telly this weekend, and won't be until March. The most astonishing season many in the Sunday Afternoon Club can recall is over.

Eight drivers - eight - won races this year as their teams struggled to find the grip regulations had outlawed. Pirelli contributed to what at times must have felt like a lottery. In the end, predictably, the cream still found its way to the top; champion Sebastian Vettel, luckless-but-brilliant Lewis Hamilton and the endlessly canny and courageous Fernando Alonso, surely equal to Vettel in his performances this year. Handicapped, from the get-go in Australia, by a car that would never be better than third fastest, and often slower, the stoic often lonely-looking Spaniard, just got on with it. Never complained, never explained. And we remembered that we'd forgotten just how good Alonso is.

Vettel and the racing might have been the big winners this year, but for us at least, 2012 will be the year we came to love the man with the blue lid in the red car. So here, to help with your cold Turkey are the Sunday Afternoon Club's highlights of 2012.